Sale! DAIKIN AC 0.5PK - FTV15AXV14 Expand

DAIKIN AC 0.5PK standard - FTV15AXV14

Daikin Daikin



  • 0.5PK
  • Daya: 380 watt
  • Cooling capacity: 5000 Btu/h
  • Refrigerant type: R32
  • Harga termasuk pasang, pipa 5m dan breket

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Rp 3,699,000

Rp 3,900,000

-Rp 201,000


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Flat Panel Stylish

Ideal blend of style and function. Cleaning is easier just by wiping panel. This ensures the air conditioner always looks new all the time.


Sleep Mode

Once activated, the sleep mode ensures a comfortable environment to sleep in peace. Setting the temperature will increase gradually in accordance with normal sleep patterns of temperature.

Quick Remote and Easy To Use

  • 40mm LCD screen that stands out.
  • Real time clock display.
  • Special keys for functions Silent and Turbo.

Random Auto Restart with Memory Form

If the power goes out during operation, the unit will restart automatically in 64 different patterns of recovery time (180 seconds to 244 seconds) and the unit will operate based on the previous setting (operation mode, temperature and fan speed settings). This ensures that the air conditioner in the same building resume random rather than all units proceed at the same time, prevent power surges after a blackout

Sound Level Lower

Up to five fan speeds to choose from, users are given more choices. By selecting Silent mode, sound pressure level reduced to 25 dBA that is not intrusive.


Turbo Mode

When Turbo Mode is enabled, the AC will accelerate maximum cooling within 20 minutes. This function set the achievement of faster temperature. If TURBO and SLEEP mode is activated simultaneously, the timer SLEEP mode must be reset, it will resume after TURBO function is disabled.

Outdoor Dimensions Smaller

Save space, requiring only a wide 566x256mm flooring for outdoor installation (for outdoor models RV15/20/25AXV14).