Sanyo LED TV 32" 32S7000 Expand

Sanyo LED TV 32" 32S7000T

Aqua Sanyo Aqua Sanyo

Sanyo - 32 S7000T


  • Resolusi: 1366x768
  • Power consumption: 32 watt
  • AV terminal: Pc input, 3x HDMI, Usb: 2

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Rp 2,850,000


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  • Digital TV
    Embrace the best picture and sound quality, enjoying the finest, the cleanest, the clearest and more channels.

  • USB Recordable
    Recording your favourite TV programmes has never been easier-connect any USB stick or USB connected external hard disk to your TV and you instantly have a digital recording device! The maximum capacity of a recording device can be as high as 2TB.

  • Time Shift
    Time shift is an automatic recording and playback function by using USB device. This function made you never miss one scene. For example, while you are watching football games, somebody’s disturbing you, do not worry, just start time shift, then you can watch were you left off when you return, while the rest of the program is continuously being recorded. The max device size for time shift is up to 8GB (about 4 hours). When you quit from this function, the shifting program will not saved in the USB device.